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Dalam usaha untuk memastikan bahawa UCAM sentiasa menjadi Pusat Pengajian dan Penyelidikan yang terunggul dan tersohor di seantero dunia seiring dengan visinya.

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Tempat Penginapan

We realize that finding a suitable and cost effective place to live is most important to all new students, especially those who have come to a foreign land. We will assist you in your effort to find a suitable accommodation for yourself.

In Ucam we provide boarding facilities for students . The hostel is also equipped with various facilities such as beds , mattresses , pillows , closets , televisions, sofas , desks , chairs , washing machine and Wi-fi. We will send to all succesful applicants all the necessary details about how to apply an accomodation in your offer. Nevertheless, we will only process your application for student hostel once you have confirmed your acceptance to study here and paid your fees

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