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Kemudahan – UCAM
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Talian Bebas

06-5529227 / 06-5529642

Talian Bebas

06-5529227 / 06-5529642

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Dalam usaha untuk memastikan bahawa UCAM sentiasa menjadi Pusat Pengajian dan Penyelidikan yang terunggul dan tersohor di seantero dunia seiring dengan visinya.

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Kemudahan di UCAM


The University College comprises a compact and fully-utilised building. It is equipped with lecture halls, classrooms, library, science lab, computer lab laboratories which together bring about a favourable teaching and learning atmosphere. Free wifi also available throughtout the building. There is also an automated teller machine (ATM) located in the college for you to carry out your banking transactions. If this seems insufficient for you, there are a couple of banks situated nearby at your disposal.

The library are located at nearby to the calssrooms and hall building. With its growing book collection and wide range of periodicals and journals, it offers an environment conducive for study and research. The library system of management is partiallyย  computerized to facilitate efficient searching and browsing for library materials.


Easy acces to internet. We are commited in providing students with the technology and facilities required towards achieving academic excellence.

Sports Facilities

We are also have a good sports facilities inside the campus. Examples like field, court and much more.


Acollege bus is available to ferry students for most college activities. A specially-arranged transportation is also provided for students travelling to and from students hostel to college.

Student Area and Cafeteria

We have also allotted places at various areas within the college premises for students to unwind between classes or to mingle with friends. Other than that, should you need to buy snacks and stationery there is cooperative shop to cater for such needs.

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