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Dalam usaha untuk memastikan bahawa UCAM sentiasa menjadi Pusat Pengajian dan Penyelidikan yang terunggul dan tersohor di seantero dunia seiring dengan visinya.

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Pejabat Pelajar Antarabangsa

Going to a new country is always exciting but sometimes it can also be a daunting experience. However, do not worry for we can help you settle in and enjoy your life as a student to the fullest. The International Student Office of UCAM  is the one-stop centre where you can get the necessary support and advice from our committed staff; from the initial point of applying entry into the college to the day when you are graduating.

International Student Support

Our International student support staff will always be ready to answer your queries and will provide you with assistance in all matters relating to studying and living in Malaysia; from opening bank accounts to assisting in finding suitable accommodation for you.

If you find that you are facing problems of any kind, please do not hesitate for we are ever ready and more than happy to lend you a hand.


Student Visa 

All international students who wish to pursue their higher education in Malaysia must apply for Student Visa.

For your information, the procedure to get a visa may take a few weeks to three months, depending on the immigration rules and regulations of your own country and those that are set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

We would like you to know that we will provide assistance in the application of your visa, its annual renewal and in any other matters relating to it.


Medical and Health Insurance

Besides Student Visa, it is also obligatory that you have a medical insurance coverage throughout your period of study here. We will help you with this too.


Meet and Greet Service

We take pride in making your first arrival in Malaysia and coming  to this college as smooth sailing as possible by  providing you with a pre-arrival information package before you leave your country and arranging  for the meet-and-greet service  to receive you once you are here.



Once you are in UCAM we will help you to familiarise yourself around the campus and faculty by involving you in an orientation programme with the rest of the foreign students like you.

We hope in this way you would be able to make friends with them thus making your and their stay here even more pleasant and meaningful.


International Students Activities

We kindly advise you to take part in all college activities, be it local or international ones because these can help you assimilate into campus life as well as life in Malaysia.

In addition, we welcome you to introduce your country and culture to the college community.  

Whichever you choose to do, the former or the latter, please contact us for more information on how to go about doing it.


Quality and affordable academic programmes that will provide you with learning oppurtunities in fulfilling your career aspiration.

Personal mentor to advise you and monitor your progress throughtout your study.

A welcome programme to help you settle in quickly, make friends and improve your study and English language skills.

Student supports service in terms of financial advise, accommodation options, immigration and other support srvices that you may need.

Talented and dedicated academic staff will help you develop your skills and knowledge.


Bachelor of Business Technology (Hons). In Computer Entreprenuerial Management
(Collaboration with University Kuala Lumpur, UniKL)

Bachelor of Landscape Management

Bachelor of Agriculture Science

Diploma in Agricultural Science

Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Agribusiness

Diploma in Landscape Management

Diploma in Plantation Management

Diploma in Computer Network

Diploma in Livestock Production

Diploma in Electronic-Business

Diploma in English Communication

Certificate in Agricultural Science

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