University College of Agroscience Malaysia (UCAM) is a Company the Possession of RISDA established in the year 1993 under the Companies Act 1965 and the Act of Private Institutions of Higher Learning 1996. UCAM has undergone a rapid development since its endeavour in the sector of higher education in this country. Now, UCAM has the privileged to play its role the development of human capital needs at the local and international levels. Agriculture and Plantation have become our signature programmes. Parallel to this, there are a number of marketable supporting diplomas, undergraduates and post-graduates programmes being offered here; namely in the field of Agribusiness, Landscape, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Business Management as well as Business Technology.

Halal Industry is an increasingly prominent field today. Due to this, JAKIM has taken the initiative to form the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DIRECTION (HPB) in fulfilling the government’s aspiration of requiring 60,000 HALAL EXECUTIVE in Malaysia and International levels.  HPB JAKIM has appointed and accredited 7 IPTA and 3 IPTS including UCAM which has been entrusted as HALAL TRAINING CENTRE in internationally and locally.

            This recognition is the one of the top-tier in Malaysia and provides opportunities for UCAM as a major player in Halal Industry in Malaysia and abroad. UCAM is also the only IPT in Malacca which has been recognized by JAKIM. In line with this, it is hoped that all efforts and planning will be given attention and support from UCAM’s top management.

            Throughout the establishment of UCAM Halal Unit, there were several Halal related courses and fillings conducted such as Halal Guidance Program Series 1 and Series 2 to RISDA Entrepreneurs with 74 participants, “Coaching and Monitoring” Course for RISDA entrepreneurs, training and auditing for industry in Korea, slaughtering courses according to syara’ and the development of halal “academic program” syllabus.