Certificate of Coaching and Monitoring Halal

This course aims to provide participants with an exposure on the importance of halal certificates and halal procedures and to monitor entrepreneurs until they obtain halal certificates from JABATAN KEMAJUAN MALAYSIA.

This course covers THREE (3) sessions namely:

  • Lesson “Training”

Entrepreneurs are required to attend BASIC HALAL COMPLIANCE course for TWO (2) days in order to provide exposure on the importance of halal certificate and halal certification procedure in which involving FIVE (5) topics:


  • Introduction to Basic Halal and Toyyiban Principle
  • Halal Framework in Malaysia and Global
  • MS1500:2009 (Malaysian Standard)
  • Manual of Malaysian Halal Certification Procedure
  • “MyEhalal” System


  • Visitation 1 “Coaching 1”

At this phase, AUDIT SERIES 1 will be carried out in order to provide guidance and monitoring of development during halal application status for each entrepreneur. Activities performed at this phase comprise of:


  • Conduct inspections to the overall operations of entrepreneurs that covers the aspects of premises, layouts, cleanliness and storage.
  • Provide counsel and guidance in preparing records related to hygiene practices, ingredients and products.
  • Organise and update data related to products and raw materials.
  • Provide counsel and guidance for the key-in process of data into “MyEhalal” system.
  • Help in preparing basic document requirements of certification.


  • Visitation 2 “Coaching 2”

At this phase, Follow-up audits are carried out that comprise of:


  • Ensure that record system is prepared and updated as information registered in “MyEhalal” system.
  • Ensure that hygiene record and practices are well maintained.
  • Provide complete guidance for auditing preparation from JAKIM.
  • Provide counsel and guidance in resolving the issue of incompetence during JAKIM auditing process.


Certificate of Halal Executive Programme

This programme is an advance level course for individuals that are seriously considering entering into the Halal food industry and getting Halal certification or contemplating a career as a Halal Executive.

The objective of this Halal Executive programme is to equipped you with knowledge to assist a Halal product manufacturer or service provider, on the methods and procedures that it would have to implement, using world’s best practices in order to receive Halal certification. Thus, enabling it to potentially become a competitive producer in a Halal global market worth trillions.  

The training caters to all Employees from companies established in Malaysia, both Muslims and non-Muslims who are interested to learn and understand Halal and its requirements, also for Business Owners who are seeking the Halal Certification.

The module of this programme is designed by JAKIM in order to enhance the effectiveness of this programme towards creating professional halal executive. Major topics of this programme includes:

  • Module 1 –Halal Manual and Record Administration
  • Module 2 – Halal Industry Standard and Regulations
  • Module 3–Halal Application Procedure
  • Module 4 – Halal Assurance Management System
  • Module 5–Halal Internal Audit Facilitation

Programme Duration  – 8 Days

Benefit From This Programme

  • Participants will be certified after completing the programme.
  • Participants will be able to assist their companies to apply for Halal Certification and ensure production complies with Halal standards at all times.
  • Participants can enhance their skills and able to provide Halal advisory services to fill up the gaps in the market for companies who are looking at obtaining Halal Certification but lack of knowledgeable employees to assist.
  • For Business Owners, having Halal certified products or services will make your business more competitive in capturing local and international markets.


Certificate of Halal Auditor Programme

Halal Auditor Training Programme is designed to enhance auditing skills and knowledge, particularly for halal industry environment. This programme provides participants with an in-depth review of professional halal auditing phases as well as conformity assessment to meet the halal certification requirements and best practices. It also involves audit theory and hands-on practice on case study that will allow participants to be familiar with the auditing processes.

Programme Objectives

  • To introduce the importance of implementation in Halal Lead Auditor Programme
  • To describe the role of Halal Lead Auditor.
  • To improve knowledge and skills as Halal Lead Auditor.
  • To solve the issues and problems pertaining to Halal Lead Auditor.

The module of this programme is designed by JAKIM in order to enhance the effectiveness of this programme towards creating professional halal auditor. Major topics of this programme includes:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Shariah pertaining to halal requirements
  • Overview of Malaysia Halal Certification document references:
    • Malaysia Halal Certification Procedure
    • Legal control and Fatwa
  • Understanding of  halal slaughtering process
  • Understanding of technical components in Halal Food and Food Services,
  • Understanding of technical component in Halal Cosmetic and Personal Care
  • Understanding of technical component in Halal Pharmaceuticals,
  • Understanding of technical component in Halal Logistic
  • Understanding of Halal Assurance Management System (HAMS)
  • Understanding of Halal Auditing Procedures
  • Case study, Mock Audit, Written Exam
  • Discussion, Question & Answer session

At the end of this programme participants are expected to be able to:

  • Understand the technical components of halal products.
  • Develop knowledge and skills as Halal Lead Auditor
  • Describe the role of Halal Lead Auditor.
  • Solve the issues and problems pertaining to Halal Lead Auditor.

The training caters to all Halal Professionals, Managers, Halal Executives, Halal Committee Members and Internal Halal Auditors and also fresh graduate in halal related courses.

Programme Duration – 10 Days


Halal Awareness Training Programme

Halal Awareness Training Programme has been designed to help interested party to understand what is ‘halalan thoyyiban’ and it`s industry. Halal now accounts for 16% of the entire global food industry. The World Halal Forum recently estimated that the global food and beverage market is now worth around USD 1.4 trillion annually. With the world’s Muslim population of 1.8 billion expected to double by 2060, in which matched to an increase in disposable income, Halal is now a sector of the global market industry that can no longer be ignored. However, in order for any party to get involved in halal industries, one should have the basic requirements of Halal Certification to be able to gain access in the global food market.

The training caters to all Manufacturer, Local Authority, Food premises owner, handler, management and manager, Hotels and Caterers

The Halal Awareness Training Program is designed to help delegates gain a comprehensive understanding of Halal standards and its market.  This programme includes the following topics:

  • Introduction of Halal Industry and Global Halal Market
  • Principles of Halal & Haram
  • Halal Leal and Application Procedure
  • Halal certification and auditing

Programme Duration – 2 Days

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and increase the awareness on the Principles and Concepts of Halal.
  • Understand the importance of proper sourcing on raw materials and production of halal foods and consumer products.
  • Share and apply the knowledge gained in today’s halal industry.